E-Patient: The Doctor May “See” You Now

Welcome to our newest contributing author, Elizabeth O’Keeffe, who prepared the following post

HCP with stethoscope using phone while on laptopE-health, e-patients, social media, telehealth, telemedicine, mobile health care – what does it all mean to you as a patient?  As an employee?  As a CEO?  “Telehealth” is booming and could substantially disrupt the old-fashioned health care model.  In-person doctor appointments, hospitalizations, and follow up visits all occur, but through a new means – technology.  The growth in technology and other competitive forces, including market differentiation, market segmentation, costs, efficiencies, and access, have created this new market and while it may all seem like just more “techie stuff,” it is not going away and as in banking (like that first time you used an ATM – what, no teller?), it will change how we approach health care. Continue reading