CMS Proposed Rule on Hospital EHR “Electronic Patient Event Notifications”

By Kathie McDonald-McClure and Margaret Young Levi

Doctor Speaking with PatientSummary: CMS proposes new Medicare Conditions of Participation for hospitals (including psychiatric and critical access hospitals) that will require the hospital EHR to send electronic event notifications to other providers when a patient has been admitted, discharged or transferred.  What must hospitals do, and how much time is needed, to operationalize the new CoPs, considering a process will need to be developed that identifies providers who should and can receive these event notices? What will be required, and how much time is needed, to reconfigure EHRs to send the notifications and demonstrate compliance with the multiple facets of the CoP?  CMS is seeking stakeholder input on the proposal, including a reasonable time frame for implementation.  UPDATE: On April 19, 2019, CMS extended the comments deadline from May 3, 2019 until June 3, 2019.

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